Looking for the perfect streaming partner for your online event, conference or webinar?

We’ve got you covered! We can stream to your own social media (Facebook, Youtube, ...) or our own dedicated hosting that can be easily shared with an audience. Looking for a more powerful solution? Our brand new web platform gives you all the tools to help you take full control of your online event.

Streaming homepage

Centralized homepage

  • Links to all live, upcoming or on-demand sessions.
  • All logos, colours, images, … are fully customisable to your own branding style.
  • Entering a specific livestream or other session can be done by a simple click or with a pop-up screen that asks you for your contact information for further data analyzation.
  • Option: Countdown timer to the event starting time.
  • Option: Audience can pre-register for an event.
  • Option: ‘Add to calendar’ button that’s compatible with all calendar apps.
  • Option: Add multiple virtual rooms/stages and make your own virtual congress hall.
Livestreaming page

Livestreaming page

  • Video hosted on a dedicated hosting platform.
  • Q&A and polling for audience interaction.
        • All modules can be activated and deactivated at any given moment.

        • All logos, colours, images, … are fully customisable to your own branding.
        • Analytics with a wide range of data about your audience (total attendance, location, viewing time by user, …)
        Video streaming platform - Live Q&A

        Live Q&A

        • Attendees can leave questions that can be seen by your hosts or panelists.
        • Other viewers can ‘like’ specific questions that they find interesting.
        • Moderation Tool to approve, archive or show questions. This tool can be accessed from anywhere in the world.
        • Option: Show questions as an overlay on the livestream.
        Video Streaming platform Poll feature

        Live Polling

        • Ask questions to your audience and get instant feedback.
        • Moderation Tool to activate polls, show results or hide them again.
        • Option: Show polling results as an overlay on the livestream.
        • Option: Do a poll two times (before and after a talk) and compare results.
        Add info to your page

        Add text-based information that you want to share with your audience

        • Speaker information, introduction texts, sponsor logos, …
        • Option: add downloadable files (e.g.: presentation slides)

        More questions or can we offer you a demo? Don’t hesitate to contact us!